A Vast Variety of Veggie Burgers

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A Vast Variety of Veggie Burgers

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Thinking about going vegetarian or vegan but worried that you’ll be left longing for a good burger? Fear not! With all of the delicious and nutritious veggie burger options available, you’ll never miss the meat!

Veggie burgers come in dozens of varieties and can be made from beans (black, pinto, adzuki, pinto, chickpeas, and more), quinoa, millet, mushrooms, rice, lentils, peas, leafy greens, soy, hemp, or any combination of the above.

Flavor profiles for veggie burgers include Southwestern, Thai, Korean, Italian, and classic American to name a few. Some veggie burgers taste so much like beef that popular national restaurant chains include them on their burger menus.

Research shows that vegetarians and vegans have lower rates of chronic disease and live longer, healthier lives. With so many veggie-licious burger choices available, now is a perfect time to adopt a plant-based diet.