4 Ways to Deal with Spring Allergies

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4 Ways to Deal with Spring Allergies

Combat Allergies

Itchy eyes, sneezing and sniffles – oh my! After a wacky winter, spring is in full bloom…and so are allergies! Thankfully, you can get relief quickly, safely and effectively with natural remedies. So get started…and get relief!

Support Adrenal Function. The adrenal glands are working overtime when allergies are active. To keep them functioning well, be sure to get enough B vitamins and vitamin C on a daily basis.  

Do a daily nasal wash or use saline sprays.  Neti pots and non-medicated nasal washes and sprays can be used daily to help rinse out pollens and other allergens. This will help to keep nasal passages hydrated and clear.

Use nutrients and herbs to help stop allergic response and support immunity.  Find a good natural allergy formula that includes these ingredients to keep on hand.

  • Quercetin. This flavonoid acts as both a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine that inhibits the synthesis and release of histamine, the inflammatory compound that causes all of those allergy symptoms.  Quercetin’s action is enhanced by the enzyme Bromelain.
  • Freeze-Dried Nettles. This herb helps reduce the amount of histamine produced in response to allergens. One study found that nettle capsules significantly helped reduce sneezing and itching in people with hay fever.
  • Vitamin C. Vitamin C can act as a mild antihistamine, and it improves immune function and fights infection.

Add homeopathic remedies to your arsenal.  Homeopathic formulas can really help deal with symptoms quickly. Look for combination formulas that match the symptoms you are experiencing. Homeopathic formulas are safe and can be highly effective for relieving the itchy eyes, nasal congestion and sneezing.